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Audrey Hepburn goes to South of France

Audrey Hepburn graces the South of France in an exquisite couture women's wear collection for the Spring/Summer 2024 season, capturing the timeless elegance and sophistication synonymous with the iconic actress. The collection seamlessly blends Hepburn's classic style with a modern twist, offering a fresh interpretation of her enduring fashion legacy.

The color palette mirrors the picturesque landscapes of the French Riviera, featuring soft pastels reminiscent of the azure sea, delicate pinks inspired by blooming bougainvillea, and crisp whites reflecting the sun-kissed shores. The fabrics chosen for this collection are luxurious and airy, ranging from flowing silk chiffons to lightweight linens, ensuring comfort and grace.

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Acacia Printed Volume Sleeve Dress

An eye-catching and vibrant Cheetah Bloom Mini Dress, this playful garment is crafted from luxurious silk crepe fabric, ensuring a silky-smooth touch against your...

Acacia Printed Shirt

Our Acacia-Printed-Shirt, a chic Bishop-Sleeved Blouse, is a sartorial masterpiece crafted from the finest silk habutai fabric. This blouse is a fusion of bold...

Acacia Printed Robe

Acacia Printed Robe is a true masterpiece that seamlessly blends opulence with untamed allure. This floor-length robe is crafted from the finest silk habutai...

Acacia Printed One Shoulder Midi

Our Acacia Printed One Shoulder Midi Dress is a celebration of vibrant design. Crafted from the exquisite silk habutai fabric, this dress promises a...

Acacia Printed Jumper

Acacia Printed Jumper is a versatile and stylish piece that effortlessly fuses comfort with wild elegance. Crafted from the luxurious silk habutai fabric, this...

Noir Embellished Shorts

Noir Embellished Shorts,a luxurious and edgy creation that seamlessly combines comfort with high-fashion detailing.Crafted from a sumptuous heavy crepe fabric, the shorts feature intricate...

Noir Sunflower Embellished Slip Dress

Noir Sunflower Embellished Slip Dress is a true embodiment of sophistication and modern charm. Crafted from a luxurious black heavy crepe fabric, this gown...

Noir Cheetah Embellished Silk Shirt

Noir Cheetah Embellished Silk Shirt is a timeless and sophisticated piece.Crafted from sumptuous silk satin fabric in a deep obsidian black, Intricate bead detailing...

Noir Mini Embellished Paneled Dress

Noir Mini Embellished Paneled Dress is a striking and luxurious garment. Crafted from a sumptuous heavy crepe fabric in a deep obsidian black hue...

Noir Mini Embellished Dress

Noir Mini Embellished Dress a show-stopping and sleek creation that effortlessly merges modern allure with timeless sophistication. The heavy crepe fabric provides structure, ensuring...

Noir Mini Embellished Skirt

Noir Mini Embellished Skirt is a glamorous creation that effortlessly blends sophistication with a touch of bold detailing.Made from a luxurious heavy crepe fabric...

Guipure White Floral Shirt Dress

Guipure White Floral Shirt Dress is a captivating and feminine garment designed to enchant with its details and timeless elegance. Crafted from white floral...

Guipure White Floral Shirt

Guipure White Floral Shirt, a delicate and enchanting garment that seamlessly blends elegance with a touch of whimsy. Crafted from ethereal white 3D floral...

Guipure White Floral Skirt

Guipure White Floral Skirt a graceful and enchanting garment designed to captivate with its intricate details and romantic silhouette. Crafted from ethereal white 3D...

Guipure White Floral Pants

Guipure White Floral Pants, a sophisticated and enchanting garment that seamlessly blends modern style with timeless femininity. Crafted from delicate white 3D floral lace,...

Embellished Lace Broderie Gown

Embellished Lace Broderie Gown, a captivating and alluring garment that seamlessly combines modern elegance with timeless romance. Crafted from ethereal mauve 3D lace fabric,...

Colette Floral Embellished Mini

Colette Floral Embellished Mini is an ethereal beauty , adorned with intricate embellishments inspired by French garden motifs and basket weave patterns. This enchanting...

Corinna Printed Maxi Skirt

Corinna Printed Maxi Skirt a vision ofsophistication. The skirt features delicate floral prints inspired by the enchanting blooms found in French gardens.The panelled design...

Corinna Printed Puff Sleeve Crop Top

Corinna Printed Puff Sleeve Crop Top a whimsical and charming piece inspired by the romantic allure of French flora. Crafted from luxurious silk twill...

Corinna Printed Kaftan

Corinna Printed Kaftan, a luxurious and enchanting garment that evokes the timeless beauty of French gardens. Crafted from sumptuous heavy crepe fabric in a...

Landscape Printed Mini

Landscape Printed Mini, a whimsical and delightful garment that brings the beauty of a landscape garden to life. Crafted from a light and airy...

Landscape Printed Button Shirtdress

Landscape Printed Button Shirtdress, a captivating and sophisticated garment that seamlessly blends the beauty of nature with modern elegance. Crafted from airy organza linen,...

Flora Garden Printed Linen Shirtdress

Flora Garden Printed Linen Shirtdress, , a delightful and elegant garment that captures the essence of a lush landscape garden. Crafted from breezy organza...

Flora Garden Printed Linen Pant

Flora Garden Printed Linen Pant, a chic and whimsical piece that effortlessly merges the free-spirited charm of bell bottoms with the enchanting beauty of...

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