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MEET Vidur Adlakha

"LÀ FUORI brand was born as an expression of my curiosity, unconditional love for art and the textile world”

Vidur Adlakha began his journey as a protagonist who loves art and wanted to paint and create images and objects of wonder since he was a child, in India, and in his family of origin, surrounded by his mother's fabrics and the stories of which they were silent spokespersons while the aroma released by the incense sticks charged the air with dreams and perfumes.

Growing up in India, Vidur was influenced by a culture of vibrant hues and eventually his passion for design also exploded thanks to his studies at the NIFT in Mumbai and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where he found the balance with art and fashion by learning to express his curiosity for and in physical forms to develop a series of businesses related to procurement and product development.

The long trips to Asia led him to reflect on the effects of the economy, which in some places generates jobs and benefits but in others represents the greatest oppressor of real crafts and traditional crafts, often becoming the cause of environmental pollution.

"The goal is to give a face and an emotion to the garments we make, through a story telling that makes the craftsman the real protagonist of all our collections.”

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