Magnificence is Handcrafted


Thoughtfully designed ‘Road to Barmer’ was carefully hand crafted, the details by our Women Artisans from Barmer spin a dream. Hand blocked prints in organic dyes on novelty silks are enriched with pearly trim additions adding a soft drift to the designs; and where minimal forms set in, hand appliqué cotton silhouettes play out in all glory. Amid the silhouettes and colors, what steers the collection is Sustainable inclusivity and spirit of our artisan community. Finesse and handicraft brings out the purity of design from paper to cloth. We believe in complete participation and care of our artisans who put their heart and soul in every inch of the fabric.


The collection ‘ Stories of Sapa’ explores innovative textures on Vietnamese inflorescence, blending the art of hand-weaving organic silk with a palette of vibrant colors, inspired by the heights of the Sapa plateau. "Stories of Sapa", took us to the Sapa plateau, in Vietnam, with the women of the Hmong community. It allowed us to reconcile two very different realities. In fact, we immersed ourselves in the unspoiled nature of northern Vietnam. The uniqueness of the designs comes from the continuous apprehension of traditional craftsmanship by the women artisans of Vietnam into modern contemporary ensembles. Innovative design presented with an artful conception of floral beautification and symmetric hexagonal construction, blends the ancient art of hand weaving with an eclectic vision, to present the designer's vision inspired from Vietnamese roots.


Là Fuori takes you around Italian lanes of Burano and delicate crafts, “punto in aria“- a stitch in the air! Made with sustainable linen, silk, silk wool and hand picked cotton yarns, showcasing a vaunt of royalty, the pinnacle of fashion, with the support of artisans based around towns. We take inspiration from beautiful and talented Venetian women, their adornment, making, mending & darning of crafts around Burano, whole islands. while sharing a long history of artisan innovations in reticello glass — the vintage art of Murano mirror reflects Life. Behind this colorful façade, there are women who began making lace when they were 10 and are still working today at the age of 86.

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