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Sustainability and More -A Guide on Being Ethical

The future of fashion depends on organic fabrics… and it also depends on consumers knowing how to discern the

The amount of chemicals used to manufacture and produce fabric is obscene, but this is a fact generally unknown by most shoppers. Some fabrics, like nylon and polyester, are often made using petroleum and other harsh chemical
compounds. Even natural fibers like cotton are not always environmentally friendly because of the chemicals used to purify the land during farming, and the fibers post-harvest.

Many fabrics, however, are produced using ethical, responsible practices. The sustainable farming of natural, organic fibers is crucial to healthy fashion, and a healthy earth. Organic clothing is classified by textiles that are manufactured without the use of pesticides, carcinogens, or other chemicals that are harmful to the earth, and potentially, humans as well. These chemicals make their way into the soil and water systems, and the exposure to toxic chemicals can cause major health risks.

Choosing organic clothing and textiles is a step towards detoxifying the earth, and protecting the health of the planet, as well as its occupants.

The word 'organic' is very common to hear these days. There are numerous advantages of including organic products in daily routine. In the present day, there are several organic products available in the market ranging from organic food to organic clothes. Organic products are part of world-wide organic agriculture movement, which stresses on farming and processing that neither involves use of synthetic or chemical pesticides nor genetically modified or radiated plants. This in turn ensures minimum damage to environment. To be termed as an authentic organic product, the goods must pass a series of tests, depending on the country.

There are different rules and regulations and certifications allotted to organic products in various countries. The demand and supply for the organic products has shown an upward trend in recent years, suggesting the strong interest of global markets and farmers in choosing to grow organic crops for textile industry.

Organic fabrics are key to the sustainability of the fashion industry. To check out Là Fuori's hand coutured premium sustainable products that are taking organic textiles to the next level - Click here 

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