Spring Season 21’

Art Credits: Jo Lewis

From the winds and rains to long days and sunshine, seasons of life also change. Là Fuori ventures forward in search of a new destination, looking for artisans and curate fashion along with them. Spring season brings with itself the charm of fresh flowers, breathable fabrics in delicate colors.

Conversations about the impending new world began as early as February—a whirlwind time that saw the usual vital energy of Fall/Winter eclipsed by growing fear and uncertainty about Covid-19. With respect to the shift in fashion, Là Fuori works hard to reduce waste, respect the Earth’s ecosystems and lean into—well, being lean.

The change in season has allowed us to reset and revisit our core, to reevaluate, and re-position our designs and our collaboration with the artisans. The commodity of time has offered us a chance to pare back the size and frequency of our collections and become better acquainted with sustainable fibers—those that are responsibly engineered or that inherently exist in nature.

While natural fibers are a seasonal favorite, Là Fuori material notes the widespread use of bamboo and organic cotton across S/S ’21 collections. From new youthful silhouettes and oft-dreamy designs in favor of a collection based on sleek, comfortable and wearable clothing—the move to more natural fibers reflects the growing demand for easy-care, durable fashion.

Spliced and hand manipulated fabrics, crafted patchworks and openwork that we have seen as part of tighter edits from previous collections may emerge as key trims and details for upcoming this season.

The pandemic was the impetus, but the seeds for change were planted well before the crisis struck.

This year will see reinterpretations of classic women’s apparel from the perspective of sustainability, as consumers think more about their purchasing choices. The ongoing retro phenomenon is being extended to a historic romantic look, blending restrained feminine flourishes with practical and wearable items. Color wise, this spring and summer fashion period will see a resurgence of old favorites sky hues, together with an infusion of pastels to add some highlights.

The special features of this year’s spring and summer fashions are a minimalist style combined with maximum hand detailing, giving birth to an eclectic mix that takes highly practical essentials with everyday life in mind and flavors them with puffs, ruffles and other popular romantic elements from the past.

Sustainability was the hot topic and here to stay for a cleaner future. Consumer attitudes towards fashion are changing as the number of buyers looking for consumption with a conscience grows. Today’s fashion is emphasizing a feeling of responsibility towards society and the environment, so shoppers are looking for classic items that they can wear for a long time and are focusing on unchanging values that transcend time – bringing out back-to-basics designs emphasizing the values of timelessness and simplicity.

We’re talking about going back in time even further than retro – to the age of romance.
Drawing inspiration from the fancy and romantic clothing of the renaissance and baroque eras, creating a “historic romantic” look.

As we tread forward, coming months will witness a new turn for us in terms of artist collaborations, organic fibers and hand crafted designs from the one of our branches. Think immaculate representation of women wear in wearable designs inspired by the romantic eras.

Bringing you the summer spring season in full bloom, this April.

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