Road to Barmer - A Month later

About a month has passed since our Italian debut with the “Road to Barmer” collection, inspired by the artisan women of the homonymous town in Rajasthan.

The event was held from 11th to 13th September at the private home of a family of travelers on the Giudecca Island in Venice. Many of you followed the event live, from the preparations to the final show, sending us exciting messages and many of them curious to discover the background of the magical location that the Founder Vidur Adlakha had chosen to tell his idea of ​​beauty made of tradition, mysticism and sustainability.

Here are his words:

“My creations are gardens where inspiration sprouts in contact with the visitor. Meeting places open to curious hearts and minds, I want each of my journeys to open a secret door in the hearts of women, showing them a new, completely unexplored place.

I pretend to dress their intimacy, showing them a new face, a new voice, a new land but above all a new approach to everyday life. Gardens are rare places, especially in a city like Venice, which is born from the waters. I was looking for an intimate place, as refined as my clothes, where to sow a new exotic flower for women who need to believe in their dreams.

The inspiration that feeds us is everything in life, we just need to understand how to make it emerge and out there it’s like a suggested kiss. I hope you know how to grasp.”

It was precisely following this suggestion that, in conjunction with the 77th Venice International Film Festival, Vidur transformed the ancient Venetian residence and its garden into a metaphysical atelier where, as he says, “every woman could stop without time and be inspired by my fabric stories, like in a dream “.

For three days, the visitors were able to enjoy the experience of the “narrated journey” through a sensory journey capable of recounting the most significant stages of the adventure that the designer led alongside the Italian writer and business partner Riccardo Benedini, in the Indianland of colors.

“In 20 days we travelled thousands of kilometres but they seemed second given the growing enthusiasm that invaded us in discovering, step by step, such fascinating and unique stories of textile craftsmanship. We literally knocked on the door of the best Rajasthani women artisans and with their help, we tried to learn some craft techniques that have survived centuries of history.”

“The welcome we received from these local communities was wonderful. We took care to document every moment of that creative dialogue and we returned with a greater awareness of what it means to produce in a sustainable way: to use sustainable resources and materials, but above all to give a face to the garments we produce, or to tell human stories. and creative that are hidden behind those expertly made shapes. That was the real treasure and value of the entire collection that I was going to design. After months, I wanted to bring this treasure made of fabric and stories to Venice and I did it to like the ancient explorers, bringing spices and fabrics from distant countries to the Serenissima Republic of Venice.”

With Riccardo’s help, the set came to life: the lounge, the most intimate heart of the property, has become a fabulous atelier where we exhibited the clothing from the collection around a large stone fireplace with the trailer of ourjourney in the center.

The outside of the house, on the other hand, represented the present in which the roots of life emerge from the ground to make images of human creativity sprout. So here we have printed dozens of photos of our artisans at work on silk fabrics and created a highly suggestive installation along the entire perimeter of the garden, in order to establish an empathic bond between our guests and the women creators of our collection.

Here is the magical land of the encounter between distant worlds, a crossroads of souls who kiss on the road and give life to new colors, as bright as the hundreds of hydrangeas and Indian fabrics that invited you to sit at the magical banquet of human diversity.”

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