Saudade of Venice F/W21’ collection


Driven by a powerful feminist vision with a melancholic yearning, the fall-winter 21’ by Là Fuori celebrates Saudade, an acute feeling, often described as occurring in the heart. Organic and hand made, it questions the construction of feminine identity through which clothing plays an essential role. Set in sustainable tones, the garments are likewise inspired by an ode to Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and multiple kinds of Italian femininity, resulting in printed hand embroidered dresses, tapered skirts, flared pants and prints with a highly personal twist.
Embarking on an odyssey with a collection that reflects on antiquity, Là Fuori incorporates the drawings and dialogues from the play, that illustrate, and impart style. The collection tells a story of mind, body, and heart, where humankind takes center stage, in all its functional elegance, intellectual dominance, and earthly seduction. Though painful, the sting of saudades is a reminder of a good that came before the lost love. 
The collection is reminiscent of the Middle Ages but still completely modern.
Integrating a distinct visual universe, blending Là Fuori’s forward-looking creativity and craft and the Italian design atelier’s magical depiction of the past. The garments use a rich combination of colors, textures and traditional and cutting-edge techniques including jacquard, hand embroidery, and digital printing. Velvet and vegetarian silk dresses take on Venice’s drawings of ancient statues, and motifs. Là Fuori channels the delicate shoulders of Venetian style jacket and ruff combined with flouncy chiffon blousons. This mingling of styles is said to channel the gender-bending characters in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.

Là Fuori sought to restore the ‘lost splendor’ of Shakespeare’s, Italian cultural life, ‘replacing foreign influences – reflecting the true Italian soul.
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