“Là Fuori” was born from the spirit of an unassuming encounter. Some old sages assume that time also has a soul. His hours, his seconds speak as the shamans of remote places do with the stars of distant cities, creating invisible bridges of hope and virtuosity between unknown people who are not yet aware of being “listening” to each other. To be connected by spirit.

“Diversity is the only suggestion that, if you know how to observe it carefully, shines in its originality and sprouts in beauty, every day, forever”

We were perfect strangers but so different in shape and attitude that our simple knowledge already aroused the curiosity of passers-by that day. We didn’t know who we were either, yet we were already attracting looks, smiles. A diversity that pleases. This made us friends.Both travelers, both creative. Vidur is a stylist. I am an object collector. We let each other suggest and a trip was born.

Là Fuori” was born out there.



Being on the road with us means going in search of mutual diversity in the world, mutual beauties, mutual hopes.

We like to call ourselves “nomadic explorers of the fabric” who unwind a skein of colored and shiny thread around a person who, thanks to the beauty of their art and craft, represents a source of inspiration in the world and they are often unaware of it.

We want to visit these people. Knock on their doors. Know their stories, their secrets, their families. Give a voice to their creativity and open with them a dialogue of aesthetic comparison, a face to discover ancient age old knowledge and to regenerate new forms.


Our collections reestablish an empathic bond between dreamers and the hands of the craftsmen, “creators of wonder”, scattered all over the world.

Travel is our creative osmosis: we travel to bring customers to caress the hands of an elderly lady who weaves silk in her secret garden and this human contact hides all the disarming energy that, as creatives, we want to carry out through our creations.

It is not just a matter of listening to their story, but of transforming that story into an aesthetic testimony for our customers.

Like modern sculptures, our hands dance on the forms known to recompose the ideal image dictated by our conscience, by our sensations and sensibilities.

We are spontaneous as children who explore the world for the first phase and who, with kindness and gratitude, asking their fathers for a baptism of art in order to mature, on the foundations of those millennials of knowledge. Blending their own stylistic, new, experimental and perhaps more aware, in technical and commercial terms, of the modern market.


As Marcel Proust said: “the true voyage of discovery is not necessary to seek new lands, but to have new eyes”. An ideal condition that requires freedom from any kind of prejudice, be it cultural, sex, race, gender, belief.

Moved by this guiding spirit, our collections aim to unite people through the suggestion of travel, abolishing every difference of departure but celebrating the union of different and original. Individuals on the way towards new horizons because, as founders of this brand, we believe strongly that the wonder for new things is so blinding as to eclipse any difference or perception of it between individuals.


“Là Fuori” has a busy program of trips around the world, to discover new fabric craftsmen (but not only!) To be told and involved in the production of our future collections.

On our website, we will publish before each trip our itinerary with the raw material we want to find, the artisan techniques that we want to learn and the stories we dream of living.

If you are a dreamer like us and want to be part of our community with your art or simply with your personality, write to us.

Our next trip could be inspired by you!

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