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Venice - Fashion and Beyond

 The concept of La Fuori fashion is studied not only as a mode of dressing but as a social, cultural, economic, symbolic, political, artistic, psychological phenomenon. Our fashion inspiration is taken as a reason and a result of the European modernity due to its role in the resolution of the tradition.

The changes and transformations taking place in every aspect of life during the early modern period found a way of “(re)presenting” themselves in terms of fashion. The concept of fashion is evaluated not only as a way of dressing but also as a paradigm of modernity including a set of manners and behaviors for being right in a specific time and a specific context.


Milan wasn’t always the epicentre of Italian fashion, according to Italian engraver turned quasi-fashion writer, Ceasare Vecellio (1530-1601), Venice was a tour de force when it came to all things fashionable in the late medieval and early modern period.

La Fuori’s favorite Venice is a one-of-a-kind place. The floating city’s beauty has inspired creatives for centuries, and its prominence in art and literature has only added to its renown. Within the world of design, Venice holds a special place as both a picturesque setting—



A permanent resident of Venice, La Fuori is displayed at the ongoing Venice Film Festival 22’ prestigious venue, The Excelsior Hotel. As our last collection, Saudade of Venice spoke volumes about the undying architecture and tales of Venice by Shakespeare. Moreover, one can spot socialites adorning La Fuori post the city opened gates for tourists from all over the world.

To Venice, with love.


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