Mirrors in Murano

‘Out-There’ is a woman, magnanimous and bright. Her semblance in the mirror seems conventional, but is seeking her inner celestial.
Combining the airy elegance , in this collection with 13th century traditional Venetian art of glass blowing created in Murano.
As it is through these objects of references, she reflects her fantasy, dreams and ambition. Mirrors are somber and immense, vast and limpid, like an ocean, where she values her reflection of the past and probable future.
She’s unconventional, independent and beset with aspirations.
She’s worth her reflection in the mirror.
She knows she’s beautiful, but it’s more than just the appearance and her outer trappings. It’s how she holds herself. And you can’t begrudge her for having that knowledge, because it is a rare sort of unorthodox self-assurance. For all her wonderful self-esteem.
She is worth the value of her self-reflection in the mirror.

In our next journey, Là Fuori takes you around Italian lanes of Burano and delicate crafts, “punto in aria“- a stitch in the air! Made with sustainable linen, silk, silk wool and hand picked cotton yarns, showcasing a vaunt of royalty, the pinnacle of fashion, with the support of artisans based around towns. We take inspiration from beautiful and talented Venetian women, their adornment, making, mending & darning of crafts around Burano, whole islands. while sharing a long history of artisan innovations in reticello glass — the vintage art of Murano mirror reflects Life.

We wandered Italy’s twisting small streets taking numberless photographs deriving inspirations from Italian architecture including curving forms and walls that seem to undulate, or move in waves. An impressive, glass square-up-to-water weed, a well shaped mansion with reflector windows, small balconies, cantilevered eaves imparting deep summer color and arcade portico, decorated with flora like jewels in a crown.

Searching for fine collaboration of fresh blooms with sustainable art mixed with luxury fashion along with a sense of floating in the Italian lagoon under an enormous sky.
Behind this colorful façade, there are women who began making lace when they were 10 and are still working today at the age of 86.
Walking with tiny steps, filled with wonder, Italy was but a canvas to our imagination. We hand painted our inspiration on sustainable fabrics, and from that vantage point, you get to see all of the great textural qualities of the work, including bejeweled hand artisan floral embroideries and intricate color relationships between light pastels and soft hues of summer.
Curated for the modern woman of today , the collections spreads its energy and enlivens a spirit of dream and inclusion through our women artisans and craftsmen.
Think hand tailored ensembles in vivacious prints, balletic dresses and graceful constricting evening wear. In a natural combination of tender pink and blue, soft gray-green and rich whites.
As Là Fuori embarks on this new journey, join us to witness the magic in her hands translate onto the beauty of today’s woman. Taking cues from the sparks of life and manifesting their own sense of self and style and eternal beauty.
– Là Fuori presents Mirrors in Murano

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