Là Fuori Questions Green Fashion

The Là Fuori brand bears a true statement in its name: observe the road, get in motion with the surrounding environment and learn to love the unknown.
In its tenacious mission to make the lifestyle of artisans from all over the world known and glamorous, Là Fuori questions the catwalks of new sustainable fashion shows, wondering: “Can we also dress green?”

Green fashion is the new trend loved and feared by designers.
From fabrics obtained from waste destined for landfills, such as fishing nets, to labels and buttons made of recycled materials, the catwalks become a showcase to launch a message of respect for the environment and spread a concept of ethical fashion. But does everyone really succeed?
At the base of these choices is the desire of stylists and fashion designers to keep up with the times, with the awareness that respect for the environment and people represent a priority that today can no longer be neglected.

The new “glamor” has a sustainable lifestyle

As a newborn brand, Lá Fuori approaches green fashion thanks to the choice of innovative materials that involve the use of raw materials from organic farming, natural fibers and dyes that are untreated and have a low environmental impact.

An example of eco-sustainable fabrics?

Natural fibers obtained from the processing of hemp, bamboo or corn. Cotton and linen are also considered ecological fabrics if they are processed with green criteria.
The beauty of these ecological fibers is that they are very similar to the most sought-after fabrics and can have the same softness and sheen of fine silk.

By making 30% of each collection in the artisan villages, the Là Fuori brand did not have to choose to be green, but was born green and its storytelling is aimed at disseminating this know-how of simple but sacred traditions to remind everyone how eco-sustainability, more than a new trend, must be considered the root, the lymph of our costume.

Not only clothing, but also accessories such as shoes and bags can be ecological thanks to the use of materials made only and exclusively with the primary resources available by artisans in the most dispersed villages in the mountains or the most deserted areas.

Who are our eco-friendly artisans?

Lá Fuori knocks door after door, asking the craftsman: “Are you capable of ..? “.
This practical approach, since the launch of our first collection “Road to Barmer” in 2020, has allowed us to stand out in the field of new sustainable fashion brands because the network of our collaborations is 100% real.
There are no intermediaries. Each collection is inspired by a different textile culture and when we go there, we ourselves are the first to learn.
Ancient techniques of centuries are revealed to us through the skilled hands of the artisans with whom we establish a human bond, before working.
What does it mean to be eco- friendly?
Well, for us this word represents the act with which man creates, giving space to his ingenuity, respecting his primary link with nature.

This bond that connects craftsman and nature is in fact much more felt in the rural villages where we usually operate:
here the act with which nature favors creativity is perceived as a real ceremony followed by gratitude.
Respect for matter is the true power of matter.

As a brand, we believe in this: we listen to the materials we use before transforming them. Our design is mediated by the craftsmen we select who help us understand if our ideas are in line with the traditions and soul of the place. So to the initial question: “Can we also dress green?”, We at Là Fuori say: “sit down with our artisans, listen to their stories, empathy with the territory and its memories are fundamental, because dressing is an act of responsibility, even before aesthetics ”

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